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Game 12: The triumphant return of Jesus Flores



  • Second coming: Jesus Flores (+2.0%) has the 2nd highest Nats WPA of the night thanks to a PH single to start the 9th.
  • The Senior Citizens Call Him Daniel: Danny Espinosa (+3.8%) is 1-3 with a with a leadoff double in the 3rd that looked like the start to a promising rally (+7.0%).
  • Tough Loss: Jordan Zimmermann (-2.4% pitching) is perfect through 5 and allows only 1 ER in 7 IP with 4 Ks and no walks.  The less said about the other 3 runs the better.
  • Rally killed: J-Zimm (-10.8% hitting) can't score Espinosa from third, grounding to short for a play at the plate in the 3rd (-8.5%).