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Games 14 & 15: BREAKOUT!

Today's game(s) report: Nats take two to sweep Brewers.

20110417_brewers_nationals_2_20110417190029_live_medium 20110417_brewers_nationals_1_20110417164231_live_medium


  • Successful Leadoff Hitter: Danny Espinosa gets a 3-run HR in game 1 and a 3-run triple in game 2 for a total of +50.3% WPA over both games.
  • Represent for the bench: Jerry Hairston, jr. is 3-3 (2B, HR) with a walk in game 2 for +27.7% WPA.
  • ¡Caliente! Livan Hernandez (+30.4%) scatters 6 hits over 7 IP, allowing only 1 ER with 3 Ks and no BBs.
  • HAWT! Jason Marquis (+7.5%) dances in and out of trouble to deliver 7 innings of 2-run ball with 4 Ks and a walk.