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Game 20: Marquis 6, Bucs 3



  • Helping himself: Jason Marquis (+3.8% pitching, +3.9% hitting) goes 6 innings at the rubber (3 ER, 2 K, 2 BB) and 2-3 at the plate (pair of singles).
  • Nature's candy: Tyler Clippard (+13.7%) throws two scoreless in relief with a pair of Ks.
  • MOAR! Mike Michael Morse (+26.0%) hits a three-run bomb (his first of the season) in the 3rd (+26.0%) to put the Nats ahead for good.
  • Must be a new moon: Jayson Werth (-14.2%) is 0-5 at the plate, including a base-loaded FC that failed to plate a run (-7.8%).  Sadly, his awesome 9-2 DP to end the game was only +5.1% WPA (and it gets credited to Storen, as the pitcher).