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Game 24: 'D' is for 'Desi,' 'Daddy,' and 'D1NGERZ!'



  • Half-cycle: Ian Desmond (+18.0%) is 2-4 with a triple and the margin-of-victory HR (+11.9%).
  • He's crafty: Livan Hernandez (+19.7% pitching, +7.6% hitting) pitches 8 innings (the first Nats starter this season), fanning 5 while only walking 1 and giving up 2 ER. He's also 1-2 at the plate with a run and an RBI!
  • CLOSED: Drew Storen (+15.6%) gives up a single in the middle of three quick outs, finishing the game with a swinging K on former Nat Willie Harris (+11.0%).