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Washington Nationals: Jordan Zimmermann Quote Book.

• What do you want to see out of Jordan Zimmermann?

Jim Riggleman: I want to see him continue to make the progress he's made in terms of coming off [Tommy John] surgery a couple years ago, and just keep giving us innings and going deep in ballgames and being a challenge to the opposing lineup. His stuff is very challenging, he's got good stuff, he's a young guy, he's 24, he's a guy that some day it's all going to kick in, it's all going to be put together and he's got a chance to be a real special pitcher in the big leagues and we're going through that process right now. He's going to leave a ball up now and then. He's going to lose his release point now and then and stuff like that, but I think that we just want to see him stay healthy, put his innings in, keep us in the ballgame and give us a chance to win the ballgame.

• Mike Rizzo and Jordan Zimmermann from MLB Network Radio's 30 Teams in 30 Days:

• Jordan Zimmermann on his strong start last time out: " was the best control I had of my fastball. I felt like I could put it wherever I wanted to the whole night and the breaking stuff was pretty good so, overall last night was probably the best I felt in a long time, so I'm pretty much right where I need to be." 

"It started off I was a little hit and miss with the fastball early, the first couple games, and the last couple it's been a lot better and the control is pretty much pinpoint right now." 

• DC GM Mike Rizzo on Jordan Zimmermann's start: "The arm strength was there. The secondary stuff was there, but more importantly...[after] Tommy John the last thing that usually comes is the touch, feel and command, and we saw a hint that that's going to be a plus for him and I think that's kinda the last piece of his rehab puzzle that we were looking for..." 

• D.C. GM Mike Rizzo on Jordan Zimmermann in's Bill Ladson's article entitled, " "Nats acquire lefty Gorzelanny from Cubs":

"'I'm really excited about our rotation,' Rizzo said. 'I see a much-improved Jordan Zimmermann, who is going to take the next step after having Tommy John surgery. He is going to turn into the pitcher we think he is and 14 other clubs think he is. He is the guy that is in demand every time we try to make a trade.'"

•'s Jon Heyman on Twitter (@SI_JonHeyman): "scout on jordan zimmerman: "he's back.'' throwing 94-95 w/ superb slider. "if they had strasburg, theyd be dangerous.'"

• Jordan Zimmermann makes his first start of 2011 against the Atlanta Braves at 1:35 pm EDT this afternoon in Nats Park.