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Game 3: Let's just forget about this one.



  • Lone bright spot: Adam LaRoche (+5.5%) singles in a run to tie the game at one in the bottom of the first (+9.8%).
  • Serviceable: Jordan Zimmermann (-8.9%) goes 6 innings with 3 2 ER.
  • Leading the parade of horrible: Doug Slaten (-11.5%) comes on with 2 down in the 7th and gives up a walk and a two-run single to put the game out of reach.
  • Honorary horrible mentions: Ian Desmond (-8.2%) continues his o-fer-the-season, while Ivan Rodriguez (-9.8%) also o-fers, including a GDP that snuffed a nascent 2nd inning rally (-7.7%).
  • Worse than their WPA: Brian Broderick (-2.8%) and Chad Gaudin (-0.3%) allow a total of 6 ER in the aeyth, putting the game from out of reach to ridiculously out of reach.