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Game 6: LaRoche 1, H8RZ 0



  • Shut up, H8RZ: Adam LaRoche (+26.4%) shakes off enough of his "slow start" to belt the game-winning two-run bomb in the 11th (+41.8%--biggest Nats WPA play of the year so far).
  • Shut up moar, H8RZ: Ian Desmond (+16.8%) is 2-5 with 2 SB.  I'll take that in the leadoff spot.
  • Shutdown x 2: Drew Storen (+24.6%) and Tyler Clippard (+22.6%) combine to strike out 6 over 4 scoreless innings after John Lannan (-21.2%) gives up 3 ER in 5 IP.
  • MOAR SHUTDAONZ!! Todd Coffey (+13.8%) and Sean Burnett (+9.2%) each throw a scoreless inning and strike out one to keep it tied and seal the win, respectively.  Um, is tomorrow an off day?
  • Forgettable: Danny Espinosa (-17.2%) gets thrown out stealing third (-15.4%), and Ryan Zimmerman (-6.0%) GDPs to kill a two-on rally in the aeyth (-17.7%).