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Brewers' Nyjer Morgan Takes Shots At Washington Nationals.

(h/t to SB Nation's Brewers site: Brew Crew Ball)

In an appearance on Steve "The Homer" True's ESPN 540 radio show on Thursday, 30-year-old former Washington Nationals' leadoff man and center fielder (in Tony Plush/Silver Elvis wig/Robot Dancing mode), explained why he was traded out of the nation's capital to the Milwaukee Brewers by telling the host that, "Basically, the process was the Nats wanted to get rid of me.":

Nyjer Morgan: "And basically, you know, I figure one man's trash is another man's treasure in my eyes. And, basically, it feels good to be in a baseball city, with people who understand my game and love the aggressiveness and the hard work and the hard play I bring."

That wasn't all:

Steve True: Why'd they want to get rid of you?

Nyjer Morgan: "Some stuff that happened last year, I guess, I'm not sure, just the way I play, I guess it wasn't ready for D.C. in my eyes."

Steve True: "So was the stuff legitimate? You can clear the air if you like...we don't follow the Nationals that closely here."

Nyjer Morgan: "No, i don't follow them neither. [Laughs] 

Steve True: "So it just didn't work for you?"

Nyjer Morgan: "Nah, I'll just plead the Fifth on it. I'm glad to be in Milwaukee now, I'll tell you that."

Morgan adds later that for him it's fun to play again, "I haven't been on a three-game winning streak in about two years now, so this actually feels unbelieveable." Give it a few months, Brewers fans. The Pirates fans tried to warn the nation's capital.