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Game 7: STREAK!!



  • Doin' it all tonight: Jordan Zimmermann (-2.1% pitching, +13.1% hitting) only goes 5.1 IP although he K's 4, walks none, and gets a two-out, two-run single in the 2nd for the early lead.
  • Shut! Down! Tyler Clippard (+30.4%) comes on in the 7th with one out, runners 2nd/3rd and gets two quick outs, easy as you please.
  • Breakeven: Ivan Rodriguez (+0.8%) GDPs to squelch a 6th-inning rally (-7.3%) but gets a key two-run single in the aeyth to widen the lead (+10.7%).
  • The Patient Champion: Michael Morse (+6.4%) is 0-2 with two walks--including one with the base loaded (+8.9%) to give the Nats the winning margin.