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Game 36: Blowout

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  • h3r0/g0at: Ian Desmond (+2.8%) strikes out looking to snuff a 9th-inning rally that tied the game (-20.9%).  Then he hooks a two-RBI double down the LF line in the 11th for the lead (+24.9%)
  • h3r0 only: Alex Cora (+63.1%) has a 9th-inning, PH, game-tying, two-RBI single (+44.5%), followed by an 11th-inning hit-and-run single to run runners on the corner (+18.6%).
  • Veteran presence: Matt Stairs (+11.6%) loads the bases in the 9th with a PH walk.
  • Shutdowns: Drew Storen (+13.3%) and Sean Burnett (+13.3%) hold the line after the Nats tie it.
  • Half a game ago: John Lannan (+6.4%) goes 6 IP, fanning 3 and walking 3 with 2 ER.
  • Bad day: Danny Espinosa (-21.0%) is 0-4 with a walk and 3 Ks, including one that ended the 10th with a RISP (-10.1%).