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Game 37: Blue, Bullpen Blow It



  • Hard luck: Jordan Zimmermann (+14.4%) goes 6.1 with 11 (eleven) Ks, 2 walks, and 3 ER.
  • Bad luck: Sean Burnett (-40.1%) can't get a call, walks the bases loaded and then gives up a game-tying granny (-38.4%).
  • Press your luck (WHAMMY!): Doug Slaten (-13.0%) keeps coming back out until he finally gives up the game-losing RBI single in the bottom of the 10th (-29.6%).
  • Before hope was dashed: Danny Espinosa (+17.4%) makes the case for his long swing with a two-run jack for the early lead (+16.8%).
  • Nothing behind the Shark: Ian Desmond (-12.2%) and Jayson Werth (-10.6%) go 0-10 with 8 Ks.