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Washington Nationals' Roger Bernadina With Early Catch Of The Year Candidate.

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• From Tonight's Game Report:

2. SHARK ATTACK!!!: Mike Stanton vs Todd Coffey. 4-4 game in the Marlins' 5th. Coffey's on after Tom Gorzelanny gives up a one-out single to Gaby Sanchez and then hits Logan Morrison to put two on with two out. Gorzelanny's just the second Nats' starter to go less than 5.0 IP in 38 games. Stanton has a solo HR already tonight and it looks like he'll have two RBI's as he rips a screaming fly ball to center. Roger Bernadina's on it, gets there, leaps and makes a snow-cone catch before crashing hard on the track...WHAT? The Shark makes the catch of the year, robbing Stanton of RBI's and extra bases and preserving the 4-4 tie with a catch you'll be seeing over and over again for a long time!

• Here's The Video: via @NationalsPR Here is a direct link to Roger Bernadina's INCREDIBLE catch. One of the greatest catches you'll ever see.