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Game 38: Shark can't do it ALL himself...

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  • Regression is mean: Tom Gorzelanny (-24.2%) gives up 4 ER in 4 2/3 IP, although he walks only one and fans 6.
  • Off night: Tyler Clippard (-20.7%) gives up a tie-breaking HR in the top of the aeyth (-25.6%).
  • Really off night: Wilson Ramos (-37.4%) is 0-5 with a rally-killing GDP in the bottom of aeyth (-26.6%).
  • Shark attack! Roger Bernadina (+16.4%) is 3-5 with a game-tying, two-RBI double (+22.8%), a bunt hit, a stolen base, and a fantastic highlight-reel catch that he sadly gets no WPA credit for at all.
  • Daynce Mix: Laynce Nix (+38.3%) is also 3-5, with a home run and a game-tying RBI double of his own (+31.3%).
  • Rock solid: Todd Coffey (+21.6%) and Drew Storen (+26.4%) combine for 4 1/3 scoreless innings.
  • Final meltdown: Brian Broderick (-30.9%) gives up the losing run on a RBI hit with a close play at the plate.