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Game 41: I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

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  • How does he do it? John Lannan (+20.7%) gives up 8 H in 6.1 IP with 4 walks and 4 SOs, but only allows 2 ER.
  • Remember, "clutch" doesn't exist: Danny Espinosa (+26.0%) hits the walkoff two innings early, launching a tie-breaking, two-run dinger into the home bullpen in the 7th (+29.7%).
  • Also homering: Jerry Hairston (+14.7%) puts a solo shot in the visiting bullpen for the go-ahead in the 5th (+16.5%).
  • Excellent glove work: Adam LaRoche (-14.9%) goes 0-4, despite hitting a few balls hard--including a line-out DP to squelch a first-inning rally (-8.5%).