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Game 42: FAILstorm

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  • Not sharp: Tom Gorzelanny (-7.5%) dances in and out of trouble, striking out 7 and walking 5 in 5.2 IP on his way to giving up 3 ER, 2 of which came in on a RBI double after Riggs left him in one batter too long (-17.1%).
  • Not clutch: Roger Bernadina (-9.4%) is 1-5 with 5 LOB, missing his chance to be a hero when he grounds out with the bases loaded to end that bottom of the 7th (-8.0%).
  • MOARSE CRUSH LEFTY! Mike Michael Morse (+7.9%) is 2-4 with a double (+7.0%).
  • Also unproductive: Adam LaRoche (-8.7%) is 0-4 with 3 LOB.