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Game 44: What a blowout looks like (from the right side)

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Last night's game report: Nats hit everything to beat O's, consider move to AL.



  • Needs to hit to pitch well: Jason Marquis (-32.1%) gets pulled after 4 IP after giving back a 3-run lead (the bad bit being a two-run double for -18.2% then a tying RBI single for -12.3%) and then most of another 3-run lead.
  • Does this count as a breakout? Danny Espinosa (+38.9%) shakes off his recent doldrums to get all of a cycle except the double (plus a walk), including a 3-run bomb for the early lead (+18.6%) and a go-ahead RBI triple (+1=7.3%) later in the game.
  • Copycat: Wilson Ramos (+24.2%) hits his own ABD (all but double) cycle (plus a walk), including a tack-on RBI triple (+15.3%).
  • So! Many! D1NG3RZ!! Also adding home runs were Roger Bernadina (+8.7%), Laynce Nix (+0.8%), and Jayson Werth (+13.3%), who went yard twice and had an RBI HBP (+8.0%).