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Game 49: Don't worry, the home series will be a snap

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  • If you pitch like this, you can't o-fer: Jason Marquis (-12.7%) gets through 6 IP with 4 ER on 4 walks and 1 K, giving up the go-behind run on a solo HR hit by the opposing pitcher (-13.7%).
  • MOARSE CRUSH RIGHTY! Michael Morse (+5.5%) hits a three-run bomb to tie the game in the 4th (+16.5%).
  • Not keeping it close: Sean Burnett (-10.2%) faces one batter and gives up the margin-of-loss RBI.
  • No help up the middle: Ian Desmond (-14.2%), Danny Espinosa (-10.3%), and Ivan Rodriguez (-10.1%) go 0-12 with 2 Ks.