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Game 53: Still More Wasted Opportunities

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  • Mr. National, himself: Livan Hernandez (-5.7% pitching, -0.9% hitting) struggles through 6.1 IP giving up 4 ER and getting an RBI on safety squeeze and leaving with a one-run lead.
  • Left-handed, two-run guy: Sean Burnett (-35.5%) can't hold it in relief, giving up an RBI single (-24.8%) and a sac fly (-5.4%) to go behind.
  • H3r0/g04t: Alex Cora (+7.8%) hits a leadoff double in the 7th (+13.5%) before getting thrown out at home after an ill-advised, delayed break for the plate on a bobbled comebacker to the pitcher (-19.0%).
  • We got HOW many HRs? Michael Morse (+13.0%) gets the Nats the early lead with a 1st-inning solo shot (+11.1%), while Danny Espinosa (+2.6%) ties the game in the 5th with a solo bomb (+16.8%) and Laynce Nix (+5.7%) gets a short-lived one-run lead with a bases-empty dinger in the 6th (+17.4%).
  • STOP! BUNTING! Ian Desmond (+7.4%) continues to show up the small-ball H8RZ by bunting for a hit to put runners on the corners with no outs in the 7th (+13.6%).
  • High-leverage: Matt Stairs hits a PH ground out to end the inning with a RISP in the 8th (-9.7%).