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Game 54: I like this 'Espinosa' kid



  • Good outing: Jason Marquis (-13.7%) goes 6.1 innings, only giving up 2 ER on 8 H while fanning 4 and walking none.
  • H3R0!! Danny Espinosa (+25.6%) is 3-4 with 2 dingers, including a two-out, three-run jack that put the Nats up by 5 in the 3rd (+16.3%).
  • Moar h3r0! Michael Morse (+13.5%) is 2-5 3-5 with an RBI single to put the Nats up by 2 in the 3rd (+9.4%).
  • Veteran FAIL: Ivan Rodriguez (-10.0%) GDPs to suppress a two-on rally in the 2nd (-10.6%), although he later hits an RBI single in the 7th to tack on (+0.7%).