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Game 32: Crossing the tightrope (with extra tightrope!)

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  • Steady: Jordan Zimmermann (+6.5%) goes 6 IP, fanning 6, walking 2 and giving up 2 ER.
  • Making it count: Laynce Nix (+7.0%) is only 1-5, but the hit is a 10th-inning double to put runners on 2nd and 3rd (+21.7%).
  • Hot, hot Harry: Jerry Hairston, jr (+35.5%) is 3-3 with a walk, and two doubles--one for an RBI (+11.7%).
  • Most thrillin'ist b-boy: Drew Storen (+9.7%) pitches the 9th and two outs into the 10th, putting runners on 2nd/3rd but getting a critical backwards-K for the second out (+30.0%).
  • Most chillin'ist b-boy: Sean Burnett (+24.3%) comes on to throw one pitch and get a fly out to end the game (+24.3%).
  • Most illin'ist b-boy: Tyler Clippard (+19.6%) comes on in relief to strike out the side--two innings in a row.