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Game 33: Clean baseball (just not for the other team)

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  • Wild but true: Tom Gorzelanny (+27.5%) walks 4 in 7 IP, but fans 6 and only gives up 2 ER.
  • Making adjustments: Ian Desmond (+12.3%) is 2-4 with an RBI and a triple (+9.6%) that set up the go-ahead sac fly.
  • Slop cheerfully accepted: Matt Stairs (+7.6%) hits one under Wes Helm's glove, who then interferes with the runner to give Stairs a tack-on REEI (Run Error-Errored In).
  • Is it June already? Adam LaRoche (+7.2%) has a two-RBI single for the early lead (+9.3%)
  • Shutdown: Sean Burnett (+14.2%) pitches a perfect aeyth to preserve the Nats' 1-run lead.