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Game 69: Lannan robbed again. Also, SWEEEEEEEP!

Tonight's post-game: Nats sweep Cards to win 6 straight on 10th-inning walkoff.



  • Gatorade shower recipient: Danny Espinosa (+40.5%) is 3-5 with a 10th-inning, 3-run, walkoff bomb in true h3r0 fashion (+20.7%)--after having hit a go-ahead RBI single in the 4th (+12.7%).
  • He even had run support! John Lannan (+11.4%) allows on 2 ER over 7 innings... for a no-decision.
  • Vulture? ur doin it rong: Drew Storen (-21.2%) gives up a game-tying solo shot (-34.4%) to send the game to extras.
  • Don't call it a comeback: Sean Burnett (+13.2%) walks one and strikes out one to keep the game tied in the 10th.
  • MOAR D1NG3RZ!! Jayson Werth (+9.6%) leads off the first with solo shot (+10.3%), and Roger Bernadina (-1.7%) goes back-to-back with his own (+9.1%).  Laynce Nix (+6.4%) adds not-quite-enough insurance with a third solo shot in the 6th (+19.0%).

What do these graphs mean?