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Game 71: Nats win, Blue needs LASIK

Today's game report: Nats win 8th straight on Morse HR.



  • Squeezed: Jordan Zimmermann (+9.7%) struggles through 6.1 IP, only giving up 2 ER in spite of a non-standard strike zone.
  • Beast mode: Michael Morse (+25.1%) hits a go-ahead, two-run bomb in the 6th (+23.7%).
  • Offenza: Ryan Zimmerman (+13.1%) hits a solo shot into The Bullpen (the bar across the street, not the place where the pitchers warm up) to tie the game in the first (+10.8%).
  • Lightning: Henry Rodriguez (+20.5%) throws 1.2 scoreless with 2 Ks in relief.

What do these graphs mean?

Bonus graph after the jump!



The square on this plot is the strike zone, and the points are the positions of the pitches as measured by the Pitch f/x cameras.  Red squares and triangles are pitches that were called strikes, and green squares and triangles are balls.  See the green ones right in the middle of the zone?  David Rackley is not good at umpiring.