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Game 74: Five-hundred!!



  • Bambi strikes: John Lannan (+19.1%) only gives up 1 ER over 5.2 IP with 3 Ks and no BBs.
  • Rookie Klutch: Danny Espinosa (+17.2%) is 2-4 with an RBI single for the early lead (+10.4%).
  • "H" is for "hero": Jerry Hairston (+8.4%) has a go-ahead RBI single to give the Nats the lead for good (+12.1%).
  • Shutdowns: Drew Storen (+15.6%), Tyler Clippard (+8.2%) and Henry Rodriguez (+8.6%) combine for 3 scoreless innings of relief, while Sean Burnett (+4.5%) strikes out Ichiro with two men on (+8.3%)!

What do these graphs mean?