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Washington Nationals' Jim Riggleman Resigns Following Nationals' Win.

The full story is just developing, but following the Washington Nationals' 1-0 win this afternoon, writer Bill Ladson tweeted (@Washingnats) that Nationals' skipper Jim Riggleman had resigned. Not re-signed, resigned as in he's officially stepped down as the manager of the Washington Nationals. Reports from the post game press conference say that he was unhappy with his contract status and had informed the Nats that he would resign after the game if nothing was done about it. The game ended. Riggleman stepped down. More info when it's available. This is a truly shocking turn of events. There was no warning before it least in published reports.'s Ben Goessling (@MASNBen) quotes D.C. GM Mike Rizzo on Twitter saying, "Rizzo: "Very disappointing to the players, fanbase, city and myself."

More shortly...