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Game 76: Bix-slapped!



(Graph doesn't have last couple of outs, but I have to go to bed, so I'm not waiting for it to update.)

  • Unlikeliest H3R0: Brian Bixler (+35.5%)--yes, BRIAN BIXLER--comes in for the ejected Hairston to go 2-3 with a go-ahead RBI double (+33.5%) in the 12th, and scores the winning run in the 14th on an Ian Desmond (+17.0%) ROE (+35.5%).
  • Ded eyez: Jordan Zimmermann (+45.8%) throws 7 scoreless with 4 Ks and 1 BB.... and the game is only half-done.
  • CRUSH!! Michael Morse (+19.9%) parks one way up on the batter's eye in dead CF to give the Nats a 2-0 lead in the aeyeth (+35.3%), while Laynce Nix (+27.4%) hits a 10th-inning solo shot for the lead (+37.2%).
  • CHOMP! Roger Bernadina (+25.8%) is 4-8 and robs a HR with a wall-leaping catch in CF.
  • Scrappy: Jerry Hairston (+16.1%) is 2-2 with a walk, and somehow gets himself ejected arguing a totally [nonsense] call-reversal (+gritty).
  • Meltdowns: Drew Storen (-45.4%) gives up a 3-run bomb in the 9th to tie the game (-47.7%). Todd Coffey (-28.6%) has a game-tying WP in the 10th (-30.3%).  Tyler Clippard (-28.6%) gives up a game-tying HR in the 12th (-48.7%).
  • Shutdowns: Ryan Mattheus (+14.6%) and Collin Balester (+16.6%) combine for 3 scoreless innings of relief in extras.

What do these graphs mean?

(Tip of the Nats cap to Steck It Out in the game thread for the title.)