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Game 79: Welcome to NatsTown, Davey--now fix Werth



  • Could have been worse: John Lannan (-18.7%) somehow holds it to only 3 ER on 11 H and 2 BB over 5.2 IP.
  • Exciting: Henry Rodriguez (+18.2%) manages a hair-raising 2 scoreless IP in relief.
  • No such thing as clutch: Danny Espinosa (+40.5%) hits a game-tying, 9th-inning solo shot (+37.3%).
  • Setback: Sean Burnett (-37.6%) fails to build on his recent success, allowing a walk and 3 H, including a double (-21.2%) and the walkoff RBI single (-19.4%).
  • Definitely no such thing as clutch: Jayson Werth (-20.3%) is 0-5 with 3 Ks and 2 LOB (both in scoring position).