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Game 80: All this AND 5 errors



  • Bad pitching: Jason Marquis (-31.6%) gives up 4 R in 5 IP with 4 walks and 5 Ks.  Collin Balester (-44.8%) gets only one out while blowing a one-run lead.
  • Rally killing: Wilson Ramos (-24.8%) GDPs to end the inning with the bases loaded when the Nats were only down by 1 (-28.9%).  Michael Morse (-14.5%) GDPs with runners on the corners to waste an early chance to pad a one-run lead (-10.3%).
  • Heroes: Laynce Nix (+30.7%) is 4-4 with a HR. Roger Bernadina (+18.3%) has a two-run ROE to (briefly) put the Nats ahead (+26.9%). Matt Stairs (+14.9%--yes, Matt Stairs) is 2-4 with a game-tying RBI (+17.7%).