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Washington Nationals Shut Out Again, 2-0 Arizona Diamondbacks Tonight In AZ.

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• Tonight's Top 5: 

5. O-O-O It's Majik: Ian Desmond grounds into a force at second after a Jerry Hairston leadoff single off D-Backs' lefty Joe Saunders. The Nats' shortstop gets caught off first, but the throw to second from Xavier Nady hits the runner and bounces into the outfield grass allowing Desmond to take third. Jayson Werth gets hit by a 3-0 pitch to put two on for Michael Morse, but Saunders strikes the Nats' slugger out with a 2-2 fastball. Danny Espinosa takes a two-out walk to load the bases, but the Diamonbacks' starter jams the Nats' catcher, Wilson Ramos, and escapes trouble in the first. Livan Hernandez issues a one-out walk to Kelly Johnson in the bottom of the frame. One out later he gets behind Stephen Drew 2-0 and gives up an RBI triple on a hanging slider. 1-0 Arizona when the walked batter crosses. Drew beats Ankiel's throw to third. Livan needs 19 pitches to get through the first, nine strikes. 1-0 D-Backs after one...

4. Hairy: Jerry Hairston, Jr.'s 2 for 2 with double and a single after his two-bagger to left off Saunders in the third. Ian Desmond gets another great bunt down, but a diving scoop toss from Joe Saunders turns at potential bunt single into a sac. Hairston to third, and Jayson Werth's at first again after a walk when Michael Morse steps up for his second at bat with runners on the corners and one down. Another swinging K from Morse. Saunders got him with the fastball up high in the first, this time it's a two-strike change, and Saunders avoids the two-out walk to Espinosa this time. Nats 0 for 4 with RISP, 5 LOB through four. 

3. Moar Majik: Livan Hernandez confuses Justin Upton with a 63 mph 1-1 curve that's a called strike two, but Upton rips into a 1-2 slider down low and drives it through short for a leadoff single. Livan's careful with Stephen Drew this time, and he walks him on four pitches to put two on with no one out. Chris Young K's swinging through a 2-2 bender that takes forever to reach Nats' catcher Wilson Ramos. Jayson Werth's back at the fence/wall in right when he finally makes the catch on a long fly ball from Xavier Nady. Two down. Gerardo Parra grounds weakly to first, Livan's through the fourth...

2. 11 Straight: Jayson Werth's one-out walk in the third provides the Nats with the last runner they'll see through seven innings in Arizona. Joe Saunders sets fourteen straight Nationals down and he holds Washington off the board through seven innings pitched tonight in Chase Field. Livan Hernandez is up for the challenge, however, holding the D-Backs to the one run they scored in the first but his efforts are once again not being supported by the Nats' offense. Chris Young's leadoff single through short in the D-Backs' 7th is the first hit for Arizona since Justin Upton's leadoff single through short in the fourth. Xavier Nady battles back from the humiliation of swinging through a 59 mph curve to work the count full, and he drills a full-count change to left and into the corner for an RBI double and a 2-0 D-Backs' lead in the 7th. 

1. Finally A Hit, Then Another Morse K: Alex Cora pops to the infield. Jerry Hairston K's swinging. That's no. 15 and 16 in a row set down by the D-Backs' pitchers. The Nats aren't hitting anything and they're on their way to getting shut out for the second night in a row. Laynce Nix drives a two-out 0-2 curve through second to finally break the D-Backs' streak of retired batters. Jayson Werth draws a two-out four-pitch walk, and it's Michael Morse up again with runners on first and second in his third RISP opportunity. 96 mph 2-2 fastball, and a swinging K for AZ reliever David Hernandez, Morse's third K with RISP tonight. Nats still trail 2-0 after seven and a half...

0. As in 0 runs. The Nationals are about to get shut out for the second straight game and they haven't scored a run since the ninth inning of the first game with the D-Backs on Thursday. 17.2 innings without a run, and Danny Espinosa (swinging) and WIlson Ramos (groundout) make it 18.1. Rick Ankiel is the only hope against Arizona closer J.J. Putz, and he connects for a two-out double that sails over Chris Young's head in center. Runner on second, two down. Roger Bernadina pops out to short left, and the Nats gets shut out for the second straight game, ninth time this season. Fourth time in Livan's last six starts that he's received no run-support. Fifth time the Nats have been shut out with Livan Hernandez on the hill in 2011. 2-0 final. 

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

Num Name - Comments
1 RobBobS - 58
2 d_c_guy - 57
3 MissB - 55
4 Doghouse - 49
5 cookielover - 48
6 Whupass - 45
7 dc Roach - 35
8 FanSince05 - 31
9 Jeff T - 29
10 Doncosmic 11


• Doghouse's Post Game WPA Graph: "Game 58: The Return of Wasted Opportunities":



  • Give the man some run support, jerks! Livan Hernandez (+12.7%) just can't buy a win, using his typical sorcery to navigate 7 IP with only 2 ER on 3Ks and 4BBs... for a loss.
  • LaRochian: Michael Morse (-23.7%) takes home a golden sombrero, stranding two runners each time for a total of 6 LOB (-7.3%, -7.4%, -6.3%).
  • Great arm, though: Wilson Ramos (-17.3%) goes 0-4, including a bases-loaded fly out to end the 1st (-7.2%).
  • Production? Jayson Werth (+5.3%) leads the team in batting WPA by going 0-1 with two walks and a HBP.

Nationals now 25-33.