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Game 58: The Return of Wasted Opportunities



  • Give the man some run support, jerks! Livan Hernandez (+12.7%) just can't buy a win, using his typical sorcery to navigate 7 IP with only 2 ER on 3Ks and 4BBs... for a loss.
  • LaRochian: Michael Morse (-23.7%) takes home a hat trick (3 K's), stranding two runners each time for a total of 6 LOB (-7.3%, -7.4%, -6.3%).
  • Great arm, though: Wilson Ramos (-17.3%) goes 0-4, including a bases-loaded fly out to end the 1st (-7.2%).
  • Production? Jayson Werth (+5.3%) leads the team in batting WPA by going 0-1 with two walks and a HBP.