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Game 59: Best 2-out rally ever!



  • IN-JUS-TICE! Jason Marquis (+24.6%) throws a 5.1 inning shutout with 4 Ks and 3 BBs before getting ejected on a bogus "intentional" HBP.
  • H3r0 to-be: Wilson Ramos (+9.1%) comes up with a 3-run bomb in the aeyeth to "seal" the Nats' lead at 4 (+18.5%).
  • Steady: Tyler Clippard (+26.9%) comes on after Marquis and holds the 1-0 lead through 2.1 IP, giving up a solo shot after Ramos expanded the lead.
  • Near-g0at experience: Drew Storen (-45.7%) gets the last out in the aeyeth, but loads the bases and walks in a run (-17.9%) without getting an out in the 9th.
  • Unlikely H3r0: Rick Ankiel (+24.5%) works a bases-loaded, go-ahead walk in the 11th.  Rick Ankiel!  Walks!
  • Icing & Cherry: Sean Burnett (+11.9%) cashes in some of Drew's runners, but keeps from going behind for 1.2 IP.  Michael Morse (+9.1%) strikes the killing blow with a grand slam to tack on in the 11th (+15.3%).
  • Not Clutch: Ian Desmond (-18.7%) is 1-5, including a runners-on-the-corners K in the 11th (-18.3%).