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Game 60: Desmond's new nickname is "Mongoose" (shut up, it works)



  • 331st career strikeout: John Lannan (+22.1%) goes 7 IP giving up only 1 ER with 6 Ks and 3 BBs... for a no-decision.
  • MOARSE CRUSH! Michael Morse (+15.1%) has a first-inning dinger for the early lead (+11.7%) and a two-run double in the third (+14.1%).
  • D1NK3RZ: Henry Rodriguez (-33.2%) gives up the game-tying bloop single (-34.8%) before getting out of the 8th (it was the fourth bloop hit of the inning).
  • Solider: Cole Kimball (+24.5%) holds it tied for 2 innings, in spite of walking the opposing reliever at one pont.
  • I just want to go to bed: Craig Stammen (-37.8%) is teh g04t, putting two runners on and giving up the two-out, walkoff hit in the 13th (-37.2%).
  • Least clutch: Rick Ankiel (-21.6%) racks up the most negative batter WPA on the team thanks to a bases-loaded fly out to end the 12th (-16.2%).