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Washington Nationals 2-1 Over San Francisco Giants, Jordan Zimmermann Gets Win, Drew Storen Save No.12.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 07:  Jordan Zimmermann #27 of the Washington Nationals pitches against the San Francisco Giants during an MLB game at AT&T Park on June 7, 2011 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 07: Jordan Zimmermann #27 of the Washington Nationals pitches against the San Francisco Giants during an MLB game at AT&T Park on June 7, 2011 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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• San Francisco Top 5: 

5. vs. LHP: Jayson Werth is a late-scratch with an ankle issue, the result of a tumble over the bullpen mounds in right field last night. The Washington Nationals are fielding an all-left-handed-hitting outfield with the Shark, Roger Bernadina (..231/.297/.341 career vs LHP), Rick Ankiel (.229/.280/.369) and Laynce Nix (.189/.231/.286) left-to-right. The trio go a combined 2 for 10 with two walks, six K's, and two runs scored...The Nats only two. Here's how it happened...

4. E: Leadoff Man on 2nd: Ian Desmond's one-out pop to short right in the first causes trouble for Giants' first baseman Aubrey Huff, who drops it after nearly colliding with San Francisco second baseman Freddy Sanchez. Desmond, hustling out of the box as always, is able to take second. Giants' lefty Jonathan Sanchez gets a sharp grounder to short off Danny Espinosa's bat, and it's Brandon Crawford to Freddy Sanchez and on to Huff at first, double play.13 pitch inning for Sanchez in spite of the E. 

3. Pitch No. 17: Jordan Zimmermann throws 16 pitches, 12 strikes in a scoreless first. Morse Crush Lefty! Michael Morse starts the Nats' second with a double to left, down the line and into the corner on a first pitch fastball. Three outs later Morse runs out a groundout to third by Jerry Hairston, and the Nats waste a leadoff double. Aubrey Huff starts the Giants' second with a triple to left-center on Jordan Zimmermann's seventeenth pitch. Off the Yahoo! sign next to the Kettle Chips ad. Nate Schierholtz follows with an RBI line drive double to left-center that scores Huff to make it 1-0. 1-1 change from Zimmermann got smoked. Schierholtz takes third on a sac fly by Aaron Rowand, but he's stranded there. 1-0 Giants after two. 

2. Walk + Nix = Shock: Jonathan Sanchez puts Laynce Nix on with a leadoff walk in the third, and one sac bunt later, the Giants' lefty hits Roger Bernadina. A low liner to center by Ian Desmond falls in front of Andres Torres, and bounces off the San Francisco's center fielder allowing Nix to score the tying run. Tied at 1-1. Right Side Danny Espinosa takes a 2-2 slider for a called strike three. Michael Morse is pitched around and Wilson Ramos K's chasing a two-strike slider to end the Nats' third. 

1. Rick Ankiel [spits!]™: on his career stats vs LHP and rips a sharp grounder to right on a first-pitch slider from Jonathan Sanchez in the fourth. Ankiel takes third on a fly to right by Jerry Hairtson. Sanchez walks Laynce Nix for the second time. A double by Ankiel, two walks to Nix, a HBP on Bernadina. Sanchez not getting the light-hitting lefties is an issue, especially when Jordan Zimmermann and the Nats pull a safety squeeze to sneak the go-ahead run across. 2-1 Nats when Ankiel breaks late from third and crosses ahead of Huff's late attempted toss to the plate. 

0. More RISP/LOB: Jonathan Sanchez might not make it through the fifth. The left-hander walks Michael Morse with one down and surrenders a one-out single to Wilson Ramos, who drills a two-strike slider through short into left. Jerry Hairston walks with two down after Rick Ankiel K's swinging. Laynce Nix K's swinging at a 1-2 slider in the dirt. That's it for Sanchez though. Right-hander Ramon Ramirez replaces Sanchez in the sixth. Roger Bernadina singles with one down and steals second. 8 for 8 SB's for the Shark. Ian Desmond takes three sliders that miss, and takes a 3-1 fastball for ball four. Danny Espinosa grounds back to the mound, to second, and on to first. Double play. Nats 1 for 12 with RISP, 10 LOB. 

-1. 7.0 Strong: Jordan Zimmermann's 86th pitch of the night is a high 3-1 fastball for ball four and a one-out walk to Giants' shortstop Brandon Crawford. Zimmermann drops a 1-0 slider on San Francisco catcher Chris Stewart, swinging strike with Crawford running and Wilson Ramos nails him at second. Caught stealing no. 10 in 22 opportunities. Stewart grounds back to the mound. 7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K's, 91 pitches, 61 strikes, six groundouts, five flyouts. 

-2. Clipp And Save: Zimmermann issued one all night, in his next-to-last at bat. Tyler Clippard walks the first batter he faces, putting Cody Ross on to start the Giants' eighth. Clippard keeps Andres Torres off-balance, beating him with a fastball outside after fooling him with a change on a 2-1 pitch. Conor Gillaspie pops out to the infield. Freddy Sanchez pops to left. 14 pitches, 6 strikes for Clippard, 2-1 Nats after eight. Drew Storen's on in the ninth after the Nationals waste another runner. 1-0 slider to Aubrey Huff gets a weak grounder to the mound. ONE!!. Michael Morse fields and steps on first on a weak grounder from Schierholtz. TWO!! Aaron Rowand grounds out to short, 1-2-3 the Nationals win. 

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

Num Name - Comment
1 dc Roach - 185
2 Doghouse - 131
3 RobBobS - 77
4 MissB - 66
5 Whupass - 65
6 FanSince05 - 54
7 cookielover - 47
8 Jorgath - 42
9 Jeff T - 39
10 rachel216 - 34


• Doghouse's Post Game WPA Graph: "Game 61: Last night, done right":



  • Doin' it all tonight: Jordan Zimmermann (+33.5% pitching, +4.6% hitting) throws 7 solid innings, giving up 1 ER on 3 Ks and 1 BB.  He even gets the go-ahead RBI and reaches on a safety squeeze/FC (+8.8%)
  • Nothin' but shutdowns: Tyler Clippard (+12.9%) and Drew Storen (+17.5%) combine for 2 scoreless in relief to hold the one-run lead.
  • MONGOOSE! Ian Desmond (+16.7%) is 1-4 with a walk, including an RBI single to tie it in the third (+18.2%).
  • He had some great D tonight: Danny Espinosa (-23.2%) is 1-5 with a bases 2nd/3rd strikeout (-9.0%) and a two-on GDP (-8.6%).

Nationals now 27-34.