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Game 82: Stairs walkoff? Davey's a witch!



  • Give a guy some runs, man! Tom Gorzelanny (+26.2%) works around 2 errors and 6 hits over 7 IP with an awesome 8 Ks, giving up a single unearned run... for a no-decision.
  • CHOMP! Roger Bernadina (+22.7%) tries to help a pitcher out, belting a game-tying solo shot (+19.0%).
  • Vultures circling: Tyler Clippard (+10.3%) and Drew Storen (+13.2%) combine for two perfect innings in relief.
  • It's witchcraft: Matt Stairs hits one off the wall in RF for the walkoff RBI (+17.9%).  Yes, Matt Stairs.  Really.  It's so surprising that they didn't even put his name on the graph.