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Poll: Washington Nationals' Best All-Star Performance; 2011 All-Star GameThread.

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It's hard to go with Livan Hernandez's '05 All-Star Game performance, which saw the then 30-year-old right-hander walk Red Sox' catcher Jason Varitek before surrendering a ground-rule double to the Orioles' Brian Roberts and a two-run single to the Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki to put the NL down 5-0 to the American League after four innings in Comerica Park in Detroit. Chad Cordero replaced the Padres' Jake Peavy on the mound with two down in the the bottom of the eighth, striking Pudge Rodriguez out to keep the Nationals League within four at 7-3 in a game that ended 7-5 in the AL's favor...

Alfonso Soriano started in left field for the National League in 2006's Mid-Summer Classic in Pittsburgh's PNC Park. The Nats' outfielder was 1 for 2, swinging first pitch (predictably) and flying out when he faced then-Tigers' left-hander Kenny Rogers, aka The Gambler. The second time up, Soriano singled on a liner to left against then-Blue Jays' ace Roy Halladay, then stole second and was thrown out by Vernon Wells trying to score from there on a one-out line drive single to center by Carlos Beltran. In 2007 at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Dmitri "DY" Young represented the Nationals, singling in his only at bat, a pinch hit appearance in the eighth, and scoring on a two-out run HR by Soriano, who'd left D.C. to sign in Chicago after the '06 season.

Cristian Guzman came on as a pinch runner in the ninth inning of the '08 MLB All-Star Game in Yankee Stadium in New York. Guzman replaced Aramis Ramirez after then-Angels' closer Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez had issued a leadoff walk, but the Nats' SS was caught stealing one out later on an inning-ending strike'em out, throw'em out double play in what was then a tie game. Guzman would stay in the game for six more innings until it was decided on a sac fly in the 15th. Guzman ended the night 0 for 3 with a flyout, failed bunt attempt and a groundout to first.

Ryan Zimmerman flew out to St. Louis' Busch Stadium II in 2009, where he entered the game as a defensive replacement in the fifth, and went  0-2 in 2 in two at bats, flying out to center when he faced the Rays' Edwin Jackson in the fifth and flying to right on the first pitch from the Twins' Joe Nathan in the bottom of the eighth.

2010 Nats' All-Star Matt Capps came on to face Boston's left-handed slugger David Ortiz in the bottom of the sixth inning in Angel Stadium of Anaheim and the Nats' right-handed closer started down 0-2 to the the Red Sox' first baseman/DH, then caught the outside edge with 94mph heat for a called strike that made it 1-2. Ortiz fouled off a 1-2 pitch from Capps, who then shook off three pitches called for by Braves' backstop Brian McCann, and threw a 2-2 two-seamer inside under Big Papi's arms for a called strike three and the end of the sixth to keep the NL close, down 1-0 in what ended up a 3-1 NL victory, with Matt Capps earning the W when the National League went up a half-inning after he'd pitched for the NL's first All-Star Game win since 1996.

So which Nats' All-Start put in the best performance? Matt Capps' big K. Guzman's extra inning effort? Chad Cordero striking out Pudge? Livan Hernandez getting hit hard and giving up two runs? Ryan Zimmerman's 0 for 2? Dmitri Young's pinch hit? Alfonso Soriano's 1 for 2? Vote Below.

And anyone watching the 2011 Mid-Summer Classic can't talk baseball and wait for Clippard to pitch below.