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Washington Nationals' Danny Espinosa Talks To ESPN 980's The Sports Reporters.

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• Here's what Danny Espinosa had to say about being put atop the order as the Nats' leadoff man for tonight's game against the Houston Astros in an appearance on ESPN 980's The Sports Reporters: 

Danny Espinosa:

"I don't feel any different, I've been swinging the bat well, I think, lately, and just going to continue that in a new position." 

"About a week and a half, two weeks ago," Espinosa said, he spoke to Davey Johnson, "we talked about moving me up to the front of the lineup just [because] he wanted to get more at bats and be in a position to drive in runs and stuff, but he didn't talk about leadoff." 

Q: Do you change your approach leading off?:

"No. I feel like I see a lot of pitches in my at bats. I'm not usually a guy to go up there and swing first pitch, and just try to make contact with something. I usually do see a good amount of pitches in every single at bat wherever I hit in the lineup, so I'm really not concerned about going to the leadoff spot now having to worry about seeing a ton of pitches."