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Game 97: Reverse-locked



  • Gotta get the AAA guys out: Jordan Zimmermann (-44.0%) struggles after taking a liner off his shin, giving up 6 ER in 5 IP while fanning 5 and walking none.
  • Can't win it all himself: Michael Morse (+35.4%) is 3-3 with two doubles, a game-tying 2-run HR (+20.6%), a walk, and an obviously intentional 9th-inning HBP by the fraidy-cat closer.
  • Seeing the ball better? Jayson Werth (+17.5%) is 1-3 with a pair of walks.
  • Not helping: Wilson Ramos (-33.9%) has a run-scoring (but rally-killing) GDP in the 7th (-14.9%), and a game-ending strikeout at a pitch way out of the zone with RISP (-13.2%).