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Game 98: Yeah, I forgot it was a day game

Tonight's game report: Only Werth refuses to play down to their level.



  • I missed some All-Star action: Tyler Clippard (+38.0%) comes in to defuse a no-out, two-on jam in the aeyeth, and keeps the game tied for 2 innings.
  • So, I was jinxing him this whole time? Jayson Werth (+37.5%) takes advantage of my absence to go on a 3-5 tear with a double and a game-tying, two-run dinger (+26.5%).
  • Stale brew: Todd Coffey (-37.7%) could only get outs in the 11th if they were free, and gives up the losing RBI single (-18.3%).
  • Also struggling: Jesus Flores (-21.3%) is 1-5 with 3 LOB, including a critical K in the 11th with a RISP and a tie score (-9.7%).