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Game 100: Stop wasting your run support



  • Ingrate: Tom Gorzelanny (-32.1%) gets six runs from his offense, and he manages to give back five of them in 3 IP, partly via a two-run double to the opposing pitcher (-19.2%).
  • Beasting away: Michael Morse (+12.5%) is 2-4 with an RBI double for the early lead (+14.5%). Jayson Werth (+8.4%) has a two-RBI double to tack on (+10.9%), and Rick Ankiel (+10.4%) has a two-RBI double to tack on some more (+18.2%).
  • Helping: Ross Detwiler (+18.0) comes on to get get 8 outs and hold the one-run lead.
  • Not helping: Henry Rodriguez (-15.7%) walks three in the 8th, finally letting one score on a WP to tie the game (-19.4%).
  • The final FAIL: Ryan Mattheus (-27.2%) only gets one out into the 9th before giving up the walkoff (-30.0%).