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Game 101: Win in the first/Lose in the first



  • Opportunity: Michael Morse (+3.0%) is the only Nats' hitter with WPA over 1%, hitting a base-loaded single in the first (+8.2%) for their only run.
  • Opportunities Missed:  With bases loaded in the first and no outs, Jayson Werth (-3.5%), Rick Ankiel (-13.9%) and Jesus Flores (-11.7%) strike out one after the other (for -5.8%, -6.6%, and -6.3% WPA).
  • Hard luck?  Jason Marquis (-12.1%) labors through 5 IP with 2 Ks and 4 BBs giving up 3 ER (with some circus-like play behind him that didn't quite qualify as errors).