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Yunesky Maya Earns First MLB Win, Washington Nationals Shut New York Mets Out, 3-0.

• Tonight's Top 5: 

5. Werth Bobblehead Says, "Yes, Yes, Yes.": Yunesky Maya arrived at Nationals Park an hour before the scheduled start time for tonight's game against the Mets and was inserted in the lineup in place of right-hander Jason Marquis, who was traded to Arizona just before he was supposed to take the mound. The 29-year-old right-hander who was in Syracuse last night was officially recalled just as the game was about to start and he took the mound against the New York Mets for the third time in his career, throwing a quick five pitch, five strike 1-2-3 first with all three Mets lining out, Jose Reyes and Justin Turner to Jayson Werth in right and Danny Murphy to Rick Ankiel in center. Ankiel then started the Nats' first with single to center, and two outs later he was standing on third with Michael Morse at first after walking and Jayson Werth at the plate. 2-2 knuckler from R.A. Dickey, and Werth launches it. Deeeeeep to center and onto the batter's eye green. GONE! Werth's 12th of 2011. 3-0 Nats after a half...

4. The DWL Legend: Six up, six down for Yunesky Maya after he throws a second scoreless frame for the Nats on 14 pitches...

Wilson Ramos hits a one-out single off R.A. Dickey in the bottom of the frame but two outs later he's stranded and Maya's back on the hill. A one-out "sorta" hit by pitch ruins the right-hander's chance for a perfect game, (I kid?) but he retires the next two Mets and the DWL Legend has three scoreless on the board. Ian Desmond, Ryan Zimmerman and Michael Morse go down in order, and Maya's back out for the fourth with 32 pitches to start the frame. 20 pitches and three outs later, Maya's through four scoreless, but not until after he's given up the first hit of the night on a two-out liner by David Wright over a leaping Danny Espinosa at second. The Mets strand their second baserunner of the night though, 3-0 Nationals after four. 

3. Strong Start, Quick Hook: The Mets get back-to-back two-out singles in the fifth by the eight and nine hitters, catcher Josh Thole and the pitcher, R.A. Dickey, and Maya's in a tight spot for the first time tonight. NY SS Jose Reyes connects with a first-pitch fastball from Maya and drives it deeeeep to right...but it dies on the track. Jayson Werth makes the catch to complete Maya's fifth scoreless frame in Nats Park. Wilson Ramos singles to start the Nats' fifth, but he's thrown out at second on a sac bunt back to the mound by Maya, who's then tagged out between first and second as part of an inning-ending 4-3 DP off Rick Ankiel's bat, 3-0 Nats through five. Maya's back in the 6th, but he gets a visit from the trainer before starting the frame. No word on why, (ed. note - "Pulled oblique, DL possible."), but after he gives up back-to-back one-out singles, Maya's done. 5.1 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 0 K's, 78 pitches, 52 strikes, 9 groundouts, 5 flyouts. Ross Detwiler replaces Maya and gets an inning-ending DP on a 2-0 pitch to Angel Pagan, 3-0 Nats after six. 

2. Clipp'd: Ross Detwiler gives up a leadoff single to center by Jason Bay, but that runner's erased on a 3-6-3 DP started and finished by Nats' first baseman Michael Morse. A HBP (sorta, again) on Josh Thole ends Detwiler's night, however, and Tyler Clippard's on with a runner on and two outs. Pinch hitter Scott Hairston's fooled by a 2-1 change, and he connects on a check swing that sends it right back to Clippard on a bounce. Clipp throws to first, 3-0 Nats after six and a half. Wilson Ramos singles with one down in the seventh and the Nats' catcher's 3 for 3 with three singles so far tonight. Tyler Clippard gets a rare at bat and bunts him over, but Rick Ankiel K's swinging and it's 3-0 Nats after seven. 

1. BobbleWerth: Tyler Clippard comes back out for the eighth and throws a quick 12-pitch 1-2-3 eighth. Still 3-0 Nationals. Ian Desmond singles to start the frame, but gets caught stealing trying for second for the 6th time in 26 attempts this season. Ryan Zimmerman follows with a single off Jose Reyes' glove at short. Michael Morse hits a long single off the GEICO sign in center and it's time for BobbleWerth. First and third, one out. Werth lines to first, Danny Murphy catches it, steps on first, 3 unassisted. Double play. 3-0 Nats after eight. 

0. STOREN WARNING!!!: Nats' closer Drew Storen receives a nice ovation as he hustles out to the mound with a three-run lead in the 9th, but he misses with a 3-1 pitch to David Wright and puts the leadoff runner on. Angel Pagan goes down swinging through a 1-2 slider. ONE! Jason Bay goes the other way with a one-out single to right and the tying run is at the plate. Lucas Duda flies out to right. TWO!! Josh Thole singles to center, but the Mets don't test Ankiel's arm. Bases loaded, two outs. Willie Harris K's looking. Ballgame.

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• Doghouse's Post Game WPA Graph: COMING SOON.

Nationals now 50-56.