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Game 107: No one wants to trade for a vulture



  • Tough luck. Again: Jordan Zimmermann (+34.7%) goes 6 IP with 0 ER on 6 Ks and 1 BB.  And gets a no-decision.
  • No trade drama? How 'bout this: Drew Storen (-21.2%) makes things interesting, giving up a game-tying solo shot in the 9th (-36.5%).
  • Golden glove? Try Golden Globe! Rick Ankiel (+26.9%) sells a dubious HBP to get on base in the 9th (+10.5%) then alertly takes third on a WP to get in position to score the winning run (+13.7%).
  • Can't trade a hero: Ian Desmond (+20.5%) is 2-5 with a double and the walkoff single (+15.9%).