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Game 87: Believe in Det! (Tonight)



  • We've seen worse: Ross Detwiler (+5.0%) manages 5.1 IP with only 2 ER.
  • All-Star (plus one): Tyler Clippard (+16.2%) throws 1.1 innings clean with 2Ks, while Drew Storen (+15.6%) gives up a hit but has a scoreless 9th to save the win.
  • His glare is mighty: Laynce Nix (+11.2%) hits a tailor-made DP ball with the bases loaded in the first, but the power of his anger causes the feed to end up in CF for two runs (+12.5%).
  • Not a good night: Jayson Werth (-10.9%) is 0-4 with 2 Ks and 6 LOB.