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Game 89: No laughers for Davey...



  • This is what you do with run support? Livan Hernandez (+1.3%) gets an 8-run lead, then gives most of it back, surrendering 6 ER while trying to get out of the 6th.
  • BAAAAAAA: Sean Burnett (-23.5%) gives up a game-tying, two-run homer on his first pitch (-28.2%). Henry Rodriguez (-51.6%) gives up go-behind RBI hits in both the 8th (-25.7%) and 9th (-36.6%).
  • Hero mode: Michael Morse (+27.1%) htis a game-tying RBI single in the aeyeth (+28.2%).
  • More g04+s: Matt Stairs pops up with the game-tying run on third in the bottom of the 9th (-24.8%).  Roger Bernadina (+2.1%) flies outs to end the game with runners 2nd/3rd (-23.6%).