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Game 90: Next time, do a better rain dance.



  • OUCH: Ryan Mattheus (-10.6%) balks in the go-behind run (-11.4%) after John Lannan (-2.4%) takes the tying RBI hit off of his face (-12.6%) and has to leave the game.
  • The king of junk-time: Wilson Ramos (+12.6%) leads the team in WPA tonight for a fourth-inning solo shot that got the Nats within one (+11.8%).
  • Not helping: Rick Ankiel (-15.4%) is 0-4 with 3 LOB.
  • Really not helping: Jayson Werth (-32.3%) is 1-4 with 3 LOB, including a 9th-inning hit-and-run that turned into a strike-'em-out, throw-'em-out (-28.0%).  (UPDATE:  Looked like a hit-and-run from the stands, since I wasn't watching the runner until he was out by a mile.  Turns out Brian Bixler ran on third strike in the dirt, thinking--incorrectly--that the ball had gotten away, so half of this play is on him.)