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Game 108: We need more OBP in the leadoff spot

Tonight's game story: Nats win third straight on 2(!) Ankiel dingers.



  • Yeah, but how much does he walk? Rick Ankiel (+16.1%) is 2-4 with a pair of solo shots for the early lead (+10.3%) and to tack on in the third fifth (+10.3% +11.4%).
  • Doin' it all, like always, and always relaxed: Livan Hernandez (+23.5% pitching, +8.4% hitting) throws a solid 6 IP with 1 ER on 3 Ks and no BBs.  He also hits a go-ahead RBI single in the 2nd (+10.4%).
  •  Saved by the clowns: Ian Desmond (-7.6%) is 0-4, but gets an RBI after a circus-like Uggla throw lets him beat out the back end of a DP (which he probably had beat anyhow) and take second.