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Game 116: Disappointing and dull



  • Eh, coulda been worse: Ross Detwiler (-8.2%) goes 5 IP with 3 ER on 5 Ks and 2 BBs, while Collin Balester (-7.2%) gives up an HR in an inning of relief while striking out the side.
  • Okay, I guess: Jayson Werth (+4.9%) hits a solo shot to get the Nats within one (+10.8%). Michael Morse (+5.1%) has a run-scoring FC+error  for the early lead (also +10.8%).
  • Yeah, could be better: Ryan Zimmerman (-18.1%) keeps the streak going, but GDPs to snuff an aeyeth inning rally (-13.2%). Jonny Gomes (-9.4%) and Ian Desmond (-9.7%) go 0-8 with 5 Ks.