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Washington Nationals' Prospect Bryce Harper Ejected From Double-A Game.

The still photo included in Patriot-News' writer Geoff Morrow's report on tonight's Harrisburg Senators/Richmond Flying Squirrels game, which saw Nats' top prospect Bryce Harper get ejected for slamming his helmet after a called strike three he didn't agree with, makes the Nats' 2010 no. 1 overall pick look worse than the video of his ejection does. According to the Patriot-News' writer, "Sixteen of the 18 players who started Wednesday night's Eastern League game between Richmond and Harrisburg weren't too happy with the size of home plate umpire Max Guyll's strike zone."

The starting pitchers didn't mind the home plate ump's zone, they collected 19 K's total, but no one else was happy with the balls and strikes called according to Mr. Morrow's game report. When Harper's called out on strikes as he walks toward first thinking he'd earned a free pass on a full-count pitch in the seventh that was reportedly outside, the 18-year-old Senators' outfielder loses it momentarily, getting a little too up in the ump's face, but he'd already been ejected and didn't bump or make contact with the official. Still, this won't help with the reputation. Harper manages to draw a line in the dirt to show the umpire just how far outside the pitch was before he and Mr. Guyll are separated. Have a look for yourself via the YouTube and user rpm16422:

When you're done with the sensational, take a look at the game highlights after the jump, which include Bryce Harper making a great catch on a foul ball down the left field line...

• Harrisburg Senators vs Richmond Flying Squirrels Game Highlights: 

• via senatorsbaseball on the YouTube.