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Washington Nationals Reportedly Sign 4th Round Pick LHP Kylin Turnbull.

• LINK: SIGNING DEADLINE THREAD...Follow along as we wait to hear about the Nats' unsigned 2011 Draft picks.

One of the Washington Top 5 picks is reportedly under contract with an initial report on the Twitter by Baseball America's Jim Callis (@JimCallisBA) now being confirmed by several sources. The Nationals, "... sign 4th-[rounder] Kylin Turnbull for $325k (slot = $225k). Santa Barbara CC LHP is projectable (6-4/195), fastball to 94." Turnbull was the 127th pick of the draft behind Nats' selections, Matt Purke (LHP, 3rd Round), Brian Goodwin (OF, 1stSup), Alex Meyer (RHP, 1st Round, 23rd overall) and Anthony Rendon, (3B, 1st Round, 6th overall).

The four players drafted in front of Turnbull haven't had deals announced as of 10:15 pm EDT, but there are a lot of rumors going around on Twitter about 3rd Round pick Matt Purke, with Baseball Prospectus' writer Kevin Goldstein (@Kevin_Goldstein) writing that, "Rumors that Purke will sign with the #Nationals . . . stronger than ever."