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Game 121: Rally in reverse doesn't work

Game report: Det's best yet can't beat Cueto.



  • Decent enough, you'd think: Ross Detwiler (+18.2%) gets through 6 IP with 7 Ks and 2 BBs, allowing only 1 ER.
  • No, you FINISH with the dinger: Ryan Zimmerman (+12.1%) no-doubts the first pitch of the bottom of the 9th over the CF fence (+10.6%)... with no one on base.
  • Where were you BEFORE Zim was up? Danny Espinosa (-2.4%) singles (+12.5%) and Jonny Gomes (+10.6%) reaches on error to finishing loading the bases (+20.4%) with one out in the 9th, down by one.
  • RISP FAIL of the year: Wilson Ramos (-50.3%) GDPs with the bases loaded to end the game (-53.0%).
  • As reliable with DSL as with RISP: Doghouse's ISP (-50%) enters its second week of stalled connections, packet loss, and slow speeds by making him wait until today to post last night's WPA (-90%).